"The artistic challenge in photographing a wedding is to create evocative. interesting pictures and to capture the essence of the day. the emotion and tension, the details and traditions. the excitement, happiness and the moments in-between" Issa Sharp

°I can't imagine a better wecking photographer than Issa. She is creative. professional. and fun to be around--just the sort of person one wants at one's wet:Icing. We are thriled with the pictures she took, which include some of the best portraits we'd ever seen of our famty and friends: she caught the feelng of the whole event beautifuly and we couldn't be happier with the results" - heather and Randy Fowler

"Issa has the remarkable ablity of capturing the purest moments -a look. a gesture - that happen in a spit second, but embody everything. I-ler keen eye and gentle soul come through in all of her photographs. These quail-tiers are what make Issa's images so exquisite. Issa worked tirelessly at our wedding. Amidst the chaos and stress, Issa remained calm and good-natured and smoothly d'rected our welching party and family when we needed her to. Needess to say, we were ecstatic when we saw our wedding photos. They were more beautiful than we could've imagined". - Anna Kang & Chris Weyant

"I-ter work is warm & heartfelt, not the standard type. She captures the mood-she really gets those rare moments on film". - Andrea & Jason Markle

"Issa's wocking photography was everything I hoped it would be; people dancing. laughing. nothing looked staged! We could not have been happier with the pictures -they were beautifiJ, just beautiful". - Stephanie & Todd Chambers